Richard Perryman

perrymanRichard Perryman

Richard Perryman co-author of Discover Wellness at Work has been passionately pursuing authentichealth care solutions for over 17 years now. Prior to co-founding LifeStrive in 2003 and Direct Access Lab in 2007, he was the founder of Health Coach(TM) Corporate Wellness Centers in Phoenix, Arizona in 1996 where he developed corporate wellness programs that are still in existence for corporations such as Qwest, Maricopa County, City of Phoenix, Discover Card, American Express, Microsoft and AT&T.

These wellness programs are unique as they combine the expertise of allopathic medicine, alternative medicine, physical therapy and naturopathy towards the realization of corporate wellness goals in a model of targeted assessment and education-based health care. Health Coach(TM) Corporate Wellness Centers has become a model for successful integrated practice and Health Coach, in partnership with LifeStrive and Direct Access Lab, now trains health and fitness professionals across North America who have a similar passion for delivering authentic health care solutions to corporate America. Dr. Perryman believes the greatest single opportunity to change health care today is in the focused delivery of measurable corporate health initiatives. In his words “As the key stakeholders in health care, corporations have as much to gain or lose as anyone from a clear and decisive shift away from our current reactive, disease-management model, to a more integrated and self-responsible health promotion system”.

Most recently, LifeStrive and Direct Access Lab have partnered with Allstate Workplace Division to deliver a unique combination of Voluntary and Group-Voluntary Benefits and Wellness/ Health Promotion programs designed to fill many of the gaps created in the emerging consumer-centric health care model while fostering a culture of “Health-Responsibility”.