Peggy Kidd

Peggy KiddPeggy Kidd
Executive Director
San Diego Social Venture Partners

Peggy Kidd is the Executive Director of San Diego Social Venture Partners.  Through her position, Peggy provides training, resources and connections to SDSVP’s members to become change agents in their community and works with nonprofit organizations to improve productivity by bringing structure, tools, focus and leadership to strategic decision-making and organizational change.

Prior to SDSVP, Peggy owned a consulting businessworking with for-profit and nonprofit groups in organizational development and previously served as Executive Director for Tariq Khamisa Foundation and Family Literacy Foundation.

Much of her success stems from her 10 years in the business sector working in the areas of business development and marketing.  Peggy has held various leadership positions in the San Diego community including serving as the District Leader of the Department of Peace, Board of Trustees of Tariq Khamisa Foundation, Board of Trustees of San Diego Center for Children, President of KIDS’ AID Auxiliary and LEAD San Diego.