Mike Mellace

Mike Mellace, CEOMike Mellace
Chief Executive Officer
Mellace Family Brands

Mike Mellace (it’s pronounced Mell-a-chee) was born to immigrant parents in New York and began work in the family comer store at the age of 6. By the age of 12, he was helping his father operate and organize the family business and by his sixteenth birthday, Mike had started his own car cleaning business and employed most of his friends.

The virtues he learned in his family’s corner store of hard work and determination, plus a problem-solving can-do attitude helped to define Mike’s purpose of helping those in need any way he can. It was this purpose that was the basis for risking his future and turning a small almond-roasting side business into a nationally branded, specialty snack food manufacturer and marketer.

Blessed with a knack for numbers, Mike has demonstrated creative problem solving and innovative thinking in the 7 years since Mellace Family Brands was born. In the beginning, if it meant staying late to load trucks or cook product, Mike was there.  Today, that same resolve is what guides Mike as he continues to build the business and expand the brands that help so many in need.  Each pallet, each jar, each brand leads to rebuilding an orphanage in Indonesia and to feeding thousands at Christmas.  It is his compassion for humanity that is the common purpose Mike expects from his employees: and business. Mike Mellace is and always will be a soul with a purpose.