Michael Brainard

Michael BrainardMichael Brainard

Michael Brainard brings over 15 years of experience as a management consultant, senior executive, executive coach, manager, entrepreneur, and researcher. Michael has worked with many executives and organizations across industries blending a strategic, behavioral, and experiential learning approach. Michael’s diverse background ranges from being coach, to being a senior executive who has gone through coaching, from being a rain-maker to being the senior executive who must leverage talent, infra-structure and multiple stakeholders interests to produce business results, and from a board member of a non-profit to authoring multiple ‘for profit’ organizations strategic plans.

As a management consultant Michael has designed and conducted process re-engineering and restructuring, organizational assessments, leadership development initiatives, performance management systems, change management processes, and a variety of strategic planning initiatives. Additionally Michael has worked as an internal and external integration leader post acquisition.

Michael Brainard brings a great deal of diversity. Michael’s experience as a division I collegiate and professional athlete, business management expertise, and his understanding of psychological principles uniquely position him to facilitate growth in other business leaders. This rare combination of education and experience has had an immeasurable benefit for Michael’s clients.

As a speaker, Michael has delivered keynote talks to such groups as the Association for Corporate Growth, PIHRA, SHRM, PCMA, OCEMA, and a variety of Corporations. As a researcher, Michael has contributed to publications and presented his research findings on performance appraisal systems, telecommuting, and leadership development at a variety of professional organizations.

His recognized leadership abilities have extended from business ownership, research, and academic achievements. Through his confidential work with executives Michael has become known for his ability to motivate and energize leaders from diverse backgrounds, identify potential areas of opportunity for business leaders, and take action to facilitate growth for his clients. Michael is currently involved in growing a business by way of leading Brainard Strategy, a Management Consulting firm focusing on Organizational Development and Business Strategy practices, and researching issues surrounding Change Management, Merger and Acquisition Strategies, the impact of telecommuting on performance and satisfaction, and Succession Development.

Client Industries have included bio-technology, manufacturing, high technology, information services, Consumer Packaged Goods (foods), financial services, telecommunications, and housing. Some of the clients who have benefited from the expertise of Michael Brainard are Louisiana Pacific, Optum Software, Biosite Diagnostics, Goal Financial, Omnigon Software, National Semiconductor, Conagra, Dell, Avco Financial Inc., Sharp Hospitals, AT & T Wireless, Qualcomm, Ericsson, San Diego Airport, and many others.