Revisiting The Cause For The Center For Wealth & Legacy

The Center for Wealth & Legacy™ is committed to helping successful business owners and families ‘pass forward’ their financial success along with their core values and virtues that created their wealth. The Center brings together a diversity of experience and professional backgrounds to identify and address the financial and legacy issues facing every business and family today. Our goals are to instill hope and provide a specific roadmap for continued success throughout the generations.

The Center is a non-profit founded by a group of like-minded professionals. We recognize that business families fill a vital role in building and funding the broader community, and our communities depend upon their energy and contribution. Today’s business families are faced with unprecedented challenges. A recent study by nationally recognized family wealth consultants Roy Williams and Vic Preisser indicates that 70% of financially successful families fail to pass their business and wealth even one generation. Much of this failure comes from a breakdown of trust and communication within the family or a failure to adequately prepare their heirs.

Our commitment via The Center for Wealth & Legacy is not to just report on the issues, but to provide practical guidance on all matters of wealth and legacy. Through a variety of media and forums, The Center for Wealth & Legacy Studies™ provides objective clarity, expertise and perspective to local, national and international audiences.