LIF Facilitators

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 Our Facilitators

Our facilitators are a select group of men and women who have achieved success in their own business and lives, They are the team who do more than just offer advice. They will jump in and stand beside you to offer their experience and skills. After all, they”ve been there themselves. They are willing to help you towards greater success and a more impactful life.

Meet Our Facilitator Team

Timi Gleason

Richard Pentella

About Our Facilitator’s Qualifications:

Our facilitators support The Center for Wealth & Legacy through participation on the Center’s Advisory Team or committees. They actively nominate individuals for the Inspiration Awards™. They are active sponsors of the Leadership Insights Forum. They actively promote and invite their clients, strategic alliances and strategic groups to all Center and LIF events. And, they possess an unusual combination of experience and talent.

Our LIF facilitators have the following ideal qualifications:

1.   Three or more years of coaching or facilitation of clients
2.   Taken leadership or management training coursework
3.   Ability to ask good questions and listen without interrupting or negatively judging the responder
4.   Able to keep a discussion on track
5.   Able to discern facts from interpretation
6.   Supporter/encourager to others
7.   Self-motivated and demonstrated ability to motivate others
8.   Willingness to provide participant accountability
9.   Sensitive to different personality styles and able to integrate and blend
10.  Intuitive to the needs of the moment

 To apply for the facilitator team click HERE