Jennifer Krewalk

There is something special about a leader who places human value at the forefront of their business. Jennifer Krewalk, Executive Director and Producer of Rise Up Radio, lives and breathes servant leadership. Personally committed to sharing the light in a world stricken by darkness, Jennifer utilizes her God-given talents to share the stories of servant leaders within the San Diego community. Rise Up Radio has a threefold purpose: (1) to honor servant leaders by spotlighting how they’re rising and making a positive difference in our communities, (2) educate and raise awareness to resources and services that are available within the San Diego region, and (3) inspire others to rise up! As a conduit between the community and these organizations and companies, people learn where they can give of their talent/time/treasure/trust, while hearing firsthand the obstacles these servant leaders have overcome in their own journey.

Rise Up Radio sdriseup.com

Nominated by Shannon McCrary