Harold Brown – East County Transitional Living Center

The East County Transitional Living Center (ECTLC), founded and led by Harold Brown, quietly makes a difference in the lives of hundreds of men, women, and children who are transitioning from homelessness each day. ECTLC provides far more than shelter, food, and safety away from the streets. Its proven programs focus on empowering the homeless community to get their lives back on track by teaching them basic skills, such as hygiene, personal finance, how to enroll their children in school, seeking employment, spiritual health, work experience or education that lead to job opportunities and much more.
Harold’s personal journey has not been easy. His past includes serious struggles with addiction and homelessness that eventually led him to enroll in the San Diego Rescue Mission one-year recovery program. After successfully completing the program, he was then hired by the Rescue Mission as a key employee. This granted Harold valuable experience that would uniquely position him to help others in the future.
His personal knowledge about the characteristics of those he serves and the confidence he earned from key supporting community members led to the stunning accomplishment of converting a decrepit squatter-infested motel into a major homeless outreach organization that makes a huge difference in the lives of many. ECTLC has become one of the main resources of El Cajon city officials, including the Mayor’s Office and Police Department, who depend on it for the safety of the community and enthusiastically endorse the ECTLC as a major benefit to the community.


Nominated by Steve Deal