Debra Ann Davis “Auntie Debra” – Royalty on Wheels

A beloved employee at Hoover High School, Debra Ann Davis, also known as “Auntie” Debra, is a noble and well-recognized person in her community. During the day, she provides food and nourishment to high school students. In her spare time, Debra helps feed the homeless throughout the county by providing them with home-cooked meals. Her positivity is spread everywhere she goes.
Auntie Debra is deeply involved in the lives of the students that surround her. She often attends graduations and other important events in the students’ lives. Due to her selfless acts, the students at Morse High School wanted to surprise her with a new vehicle. Debra was recognized for her hard work in the community by her school and was given a 2014 Mazda, refurbished by students at Morse High School and then donated by several charities to replace the beat-up Chevrolet Malibu she used to drive around town to deliver food.
Auntie Debra’s passion has inspired people around the world to do the same and help others. Donations continue to flood in from people wanting to support her food service. Due to her selfless sacrifice, consistency and generous actions, many homeless in San Diego not only count on another meal, but also can count on Auntie Debra to encourage and motivate them.
Nominated by Mark McWilliams