Daniel “Danny” Streit – Kingdom Coalition for Kids

In the past 10 years, Daniel Streit has poured himself into several ministries, foster programs and orphan programs worldwide. His God-given calling is to nurture these children, through the collaborative efforts of many, so they thrive and grow up to become successful adults.

Danny’s firsthand experience of being an orphan and adopted at age 7, provides a precise understanding of what children are going through, and a sense of responsibility to serve all children in similar circumstances. His personal experience drives him to make sure orphans know they are loved and cared for. He inspires others to get involved and helps by being an example himself. Danny and his wife, Gina, both go above and beyond to support, nurture and help so many in need. He wholeheartedly wants these young children to know he is by their side and wants to provide the tools required to build them up.

Danny’s biggest satisfaction is to see the fruit of his mission grow. The orphans Danny has mentored through the years are now mentoring other orphaned children. A young lady who was raised in one of the orphanages in Tijuana, Mexico was able to finish high school, received a scholarship to attend college, recently graduated, and now is teaching at one of the orphanage’s schools. There are many stories like this due to Danny’s dedication and commitment to provide love, protection, and confidence to these deserving children.


Nominated by Jeanette Bunn