Cindy Ropp-Richter

To many, Cindy Ropp-Richter is a hero. She is a mother, friend and mentor in the veteran’s community. Cindy has had over 23 surgeries and had to medically retire at age 45. Her disability requires multiple visits to the doctor on a weekly basis and she is in constant pain. Yet her tenacious spirit does not allow her disability or constant pain to stop her. Cindy works hard on educating the community about autoimmune disorders. She is one of the top volunteers and guides veterans on how to apply for disability and provides unique information to help ease the process. In addition, she has also become one of the top volunteers at the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Her dedication and passion for animals has resulted in the rescuing of hundreds of dogs. Cindy lives life to the fullest and goes out and experiences life, never letting her disabilities hold her back.
Nominated by Cody Matthews