2017 Inspiration Awards™

Celebrating the Leaders In Our Communities!

The 9th Annual Inspiration Awards was held September 27, 2017, at Sanford Consortium in San Diego. It was another great event, with speed painting, music, inspirational talks and celebration of the incredible finalists!

The Inspiration Awards™ event is where non-profits, business owners and politics come together and honor local leaders from different communities that have inspired a nation through their generosity and willingness to help build a better world.

Successful leaders inspire movements that exist only when people choose to move in the same direction. Without leaders, these movements get nowhere. They encourage others to work together supporting a cause that is greater than themselves.

Let’s stand together and give them a round of applause, show our appreciation for their dedication to our community, let’s inspire those who inspire us!

2017 Inspiration Awards Finalists

Angela Brannon-Baptiste
It’s All About The Kids

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Hernan Luis Y Prado
Workshops for Warriors

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Cheryl Kilmer
TERI, Campus for Life

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Kathi Anderson
Survivors of Torture, Intl.

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Brandon Steppe
The David’s Harp Foundation

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Graham Bloem
Shelter to Soldier

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2017 Lasting Legacy Award Recipient and

Fireside Chat Guest:

T. Denny Sanford

T. Denny Sanford is the founder of First Premier Bank, which specializes in offering credit cards to high-risk borrowers. Mr. Sanford is one of the U. S. top philanthropists and he says he wants to die broke…. but he faces a rare problem: He can’t get rid of his fortune fast enough. Read more…



Magic Show by
Joe Mystic

Live Music by

Speed Painting by
Amy Burkman

2016 Photo Gallery:

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