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"Please accept my sincerest thanks for my nomination and for hosting Daynara and I to the Inspiration Awards ceremony. It was at once thrilling, entertaining, humbling, and uplifting. The Center is truly dedicated to honoring those who strive to make a difference.  By doing that, you are part of making our communities better each day.”

Alex Montoya
Manager of Latino Affairs San Diego Padres
October, 2012
“The Inspiration Awards celebrate individuals who go to extraordinary lengths to improve our community and world. This lovely evening is an excellent opportunity to network with philanthropic individuals, find out about others’ passions, and enjoy a delightful and 
inspirational program. I highly recommend it!”
Dianne C. McKay
TKF Board Member Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman, LLP
November, 2013

“Last night, Oct 26th, 2011, was a fantastic evening event. I think I did more networking with more influential people than I have ever done! Funny thing about the folks at that event, there were very few pretenses, most of them were attentive, sincere about questions that they asked and answered my questions in a straightforward manner. The content for the most part was good as well, the first speaker held my attention the most. Thank you very much for the invite. I really enjoyed myself. It was a fascinating evening.”

Fred Hoyer
“Congratulations on a verysuccessful inaugural event! Nice presentations by all. Lot’s of good information everyone needs to know. Raised some questions for me about how we’re handling our rental property. The demographics presentation was full of surprises not the least of which is the impact of demographics on literally everything.”
Edward G. Masters
Executive Consultant MAP – Management Action Programs