Welcome to The Center for Wealth and Legacy™

The Center was founded with a commitment of helping successful business owners and families ‘pass forward’ their financial success along with their core values and virtues that created their wealth. It brought together a diversity of experience and professional backgrounds to identify and address the financial and legacy issues facing every business and family. Our goals were to instill hope and provide a specific roadmap for continued success throughout the generations.

We recognized that business families filled a vital role in building and funding the broader community, and our communities depended upon their energy and contribution. And, business families were faced with unprecedented challenges. A study by nationally recognized family wealth consultants Roy Williams and Vic Preisser indicated that 70% of financially successful families would fail to pass their business and wealth even one generation. Much of the failure would come from a breakdown of trust and communication within the family or a failure to adequately prepare their heirs.

Our commitment was not to just report on the issues, but to provide practical guidance on all matters of wealth and legacy. Through a variety of media and forums, The Center for Wealth & Legacy provided objective clarity, expertise and perspective to local, national and international audiences.

Much has changed in the world, the economy and The Center for Wealth & Legacy™ since the beginnings in August 2008. Still The Center, founded by three local business leaders, remains a non profit serving our communities. Disappointed by the lack of objective information and visionary leadership with the unfolding financial crisis in our local and national economy, Alan NevinR. J. Kelly and William L. Exeter elected to host a seminar featuring the best speakers available. They addressed issues critically important to privately held business owners specifically in a practical, positive and unbiased manner. That single seminar has now extended into over twelve seminars and still counting.

Early on, The Center’s Wealth & Legacy Seminar Series™ was well received. And, while the seminar content and speaker’s represented the “best in class” information for business success, it was the “Spotlight on Legacy” segment of the seminars that drew the most interest and feedback.  The huge popularity of the segment featuring stories of the communities Legacy leaders became the foundation of a new vision and mission for the Center and a new series of seminars.

Today the Center presents the Leadership, Legacy & Inspiration AwardsGala annually. With the Advisory team growing annually and one part time paid staff member, our commitment today is to inspire, challenge and connect exceptional business, philanthropic and thought leaders to positively impact and enhance our communities.