Gina Manis

Gina ManisGina Manis-Anderson

Cost Containment & Risk Mitigation Strategist | Connecting People and Knowledge to create better Spend Management Solutions

Is your organization is looking for new ways to grow their revenue, cut costs and find capital to invest in greater ROI projects? Reducing the workforce, cutting benefits, and chopping the sales and marketing budgets all have a negative impact on productivity and corporate culture. The better way is to gain the knowledge necessary to make better business decisions when procuring goods and services from your vendors and suppliers.

Gina’s passion is to help companies contain their vendor and supplier costs with sustainable spend management solutions that optimize, educate, and empower companies to make better business decisions when procuring goods and services.

For over 20 years, Gina has worked with small, mid market, large enterprise and Fortune 100 + companies to implement smart spending solutions. Through her experience in supply chain logistics, she learned how to dramatically reduce costs using innovative solutions and leveraging her relationships with vendors, suppliers and subject matter experts.

Gina formed Savii Group in 2010 in order to provide business leaders at for profit companies and non-profits with the knowledge, people and support they need to bring their enterprise to profitability. The foundation for this is Spend Management Solutions. Gina carefully picked her dream team of elite Subject Matter Experts, who have decades of experience in expense analysis, vendor relations and contract negotiations within specific industries. They help bring benchmarks and other innovative ideas from outside a companies four walls tso they can see their vendor and supplier expenses in a whole new way. The result: Savii Group, produces dramatic savings and spend management optimization that helps reclaim financial capital for reinvestment in growing a company or their cause.

Core Competencies

  • Vendor Management
  • Cost Containment
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Spend Management
  • Indirect Expense benchmarking
  • Expense Audits

Gina’s passion is being a resource for her clients connecting them to people and knowledge that transforms their business. Watching my clients flourish is the greatest gift.

Gina also created Savii Group Cares and her “Big Give” Philantropy program

At Savii Group, Gina not only encourages her clients to be good corporate citizens, she does it with them! Savii Group donates a portion of their revenue generated from each client engagement to a non-profit or scholarship fund. Gina believes in corporate karma and making our world a better place benefits everyone.  We call that reciprocal value; The Big Give is a “win-win.”