Get to Know The Center for Wealth & Legacy™

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Recently, The Center for Wealth & Legacy™, held an annual retreat to help reinvigorate our action team members and focus for efforts in the upcoming year.  Our Center is committed to helping successful business owners and families “pass forward” their success along with their core values and virtues that created their wealth. By bringing together a diverse group of business leaders, elected officials, and military officers, we are able to bring together their experience and professional backgrounds to identify and address the financial and legacy issues facing every business and family today.

Our goals are to instill hope and provide a specific roadmap for continued success throughout all generations by providing:

  • Practical advice you can apply immediately to grow your business
  • A behind the scenes look at what it really takes to build great companies
  • Ways that your dreams can become a legacy in your family, your business and the lives of your employees

The Center is a non-profit founded by a group of like-minded professionals. We recognize that business families fill a vital role in building and funding the broader community, and our communities depend upon their energy and contribution. We also recognize that business leaders and families always face new and unprecedented challenges. Our commitment is not to just report on the issues, but to provide practical guidance on all matters of wealth and legacy. Through a variety of media and forums, The Center for Wealth & Legacy Studies™ provides objective clarity, expertise and perspective to local, national and international audiences.

We look forward to our four breakfast seminars starting on 30 March, the annual Inspirational Awards on 21 September, and our Hot Topics for Non-Profits seminar. Please join us for these great events and feel free to contact us with any questions.