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Drs. François Ferré & Magda Marquet

Dr. François Ferré is the co-CEO of ALMA LifeSciences LLC, an investment and consulting firm with a focus on prevention. He is also the Co-Chairman and co-Founder of AltheaDx, a privately-held company (spinoff of Althea Technologies) focusing on the development of pharmacogenomic tests. Dr. Ferre was the CEO of AltheaDx from 2010 to June 2013. […]

2018 Inspiration Awards™

10th Annual Lasting Legacy &   Inspiration Awards™ Presented By The Center For Wealth & Legacy™ 2018 Lasting Legacy Award™ Recipient and  Fireside Chat Guest: Randy Jones Photo of Randy Jones with his wife Marie by Todd LeVeck – Epic Photojournalism. This year’s Tony & Alicia Gwynn Lasting Legacy Award™ was awarded to Randy Jones for his philanthropic […]

2015 Honorees & Nominees

September 16th, 2015 proclaimed: “Center for Wealth & Legacy’s INSPIRATION AWARDS™ & LASTING LEGACY DAY” In the City of San Diego by Mayor Kevin Faulconer Mayor Kevin Faulconer congratulated all of the Inspiration Award nominees as the seal was affixed the to Proclamation and signed on September 16th, 2015. The Proclamation was read at the […]