Accomplishing the Impossible Ahead of Schedule

When you need an intelligent leader, strong visionary, and dedicated scientist, call upon Dr. Gail Naughton.  On the evening of March 23rd we all became an even bigger fan of her as she spent a few hours at the Corporate Alliance headquarters in San Diego.  Over 40 people attended the interview conducted by the Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer R.J. Kelly.  The entire event lasted three hours, which allowed for much needed networking time, a conversational interview, a table-side mentorship and facilitator discussion, and finally a “deep dive” where more than a dozen of us joined Dr. Gail Naughton so that each of us could address our personal questions to her.


Did not attend or need a refresh? Here are some notes that we were fortunate enough to glean from Dr. Naughton:

Since four years old she wanted to be a scientist, and it was her parents that helped her understand that she could do anything that boys cold do.  Her parents always prompted her to question “why” and she was often found at the library.   She found a love of science early in life.  Her father was a brilliant engineer and her mom was like Lucille Ball, a strong and funny woman. LESSON: Parenting at an early age has huge effects later in life.

We learned that a baby that undergoes a medical procedure done prior to birth will be born without scars. A newborn’s cells are born for growth and re-growth; these stem cells are brimming with regrowth properties, thusly when combined with the stem cells in hair follicles, the process will allow the dormant hair follicles to begin flourishing again. With the cells gained from a single surgical discard, it is enough to meet Histogen’s needs for starter cells for decades. In 2007, she discovered that hair could regrow through a process of this “rapid stem cell proliferation”.   Within two days of putting newborn cells into an environment that mimics being the embryo, they will revert to multi-potent stem cells, and secrete embryonic growth factors which are known to stimulate cells that have a non-scarring, regenerative properties.

During her time at Advanced Tissues Sciences, she “learned how smart cells are”. Learning how to regenerate cells led to breakthroughs on hair growth / regrowth, skin care, and more, which has led to six products at Suneva ranging from post-surgery resurfacing, to helping skin heal faster (aiding in burn cases). They all use growth factors from Histogen in their products.

She was very lucky to have strong mentors through her training and career. They took her under their wing and it became important for her to listen to them for guidance. In the early years, there were many times that others around Gail would be discouraging of an idea or project, but her mentors and role models helped her go for it.  LESSON: Seek out mentors and help others in their learning and growth.

One of her biggest inspirations was as a graduate student and hearing Dr. Rosalyn Yalow. She was a nuclear physics in a world that was virtually 100% male dominated.  She went on to win a Nobel prize through sheer willpower and determination. In her presentation, the very first slide she put up was a rejection notice for her research application. Because she was so convinced in her research and clinical medical work, she pushed forward and eventually won the Nobel Prize. LESSON: “Do it – whatever that ‘it’ is. Don’t take no for an answer”.

She encountered this too, personally, after she had made her first major discovery. Dr. Naughton received a rejection with the explanation that “Publishing this would be a disservice to dermatology”.  She remembered how Dr. Yalow handled her rejection and that story gave her the grit to keep going.  Fortunately, the head of NYU Medical (and a mentor to her) said “ignore it” and to keep seeking to have it published. Six weeks later, a better journal published the article. LESSON: “Believe in what you are doing, and don’t second guess it”.

“The patients are always the major inspiration. At my prior company, we would have burn patients come in, they would come in to thank you for saving my life. Or saving their children’s life. Today, they get hundreds of letters from people with hair regrowth, and the expressions of gratefulness. People don’t die from losing hair, but it does impact people significantly. Giving people back their hair does something very special for many, many people.”

Her next project is not only working to get clearance for her hair regrowth product in China, Mexico and the United States, but to help eliminate cancer. With Gail’s determination, we know she can do it!  Thank you again for joining us.

The following are direct quotes from Dr. Gaul Naughton that everyone walked away with, helping us to become better “Actionators”:

  • “Ultimately my goal is to leave everything better than I found it.”
  • “Don’t be rigid in your thinking. Expect and accept surprises. Celebrate them.”
  • “Believe in yourself and trust your gut”.
  • How she would want her eulogy to read: “Gail lived, believed and practiced unconditional love and random acts of kindness”
  • “Accomplishing the Impossible Ahead of Schedule”


Multiple excerpts from the above text were also taken from a one-on-one interview conducted between RJ Kelly and Dr. Gaul Naughton prior to the event on 23 March.